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26 April 2018                                                                                                                                


European Blockchain Exchange ( Lists DasCoin (DASC)


TALLINN, Estonia – European Blockchain Exchange (, the newly-launched decentralised cryptocurrency exchange, has listed DasCoin (DASC) as a tradable digital asset.

DasCoin, founded in 2016 and first minted in March 2017, is a fork of Bitshares Blockchain technology, a peer-to-peer distributed ledger created in 2014 and itself built upon Graphene, the open-source Blockchain toolkit.

“We are extremely excited to be one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the world to list DasCoin,” said Stephan Zijlstra, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of “As a digital asset system and cryptocurrency foundationally built upon Bitshares and Graphene, the opportunities for DasCoin and its Blockchain are significant. One does not need to look further than Bitshares and Steem,to comprehend how significant market capitalisations with attractive trading volumes have been derived from these technology platforms,” added Mr Zijlstra.

The use cases that have been developed using these technology platforms include exchanges, payments processing solutions, remittance solutions, social networks, asset registries, gateways, and data storage solutions.

“We decided to list DasCoin for many reasons. First, we met with the company’s founders, management, and leadership and their ambitious vision for the future resonates with us. Second, there are indications that DasCoin could sustain itself as a top-100 cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation, and we want to be associated with that future growth potential. Third, as a Bitshares-derived cryptocurrency, DasCoin is a member of a very vibrant ecosystem and we expect many use cases will be developed in the future in the DasCoin network, further supporting market demand and liquidity,” noted Mr Zijlstra. offers trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitshares, Dash, Doge, Steem, SBC, DasCoin, BitUSD, BitCNY, and other assets.

Steroda Beheer OU is the parent of European Blockchain Exchange ( and is licenced by the Financial Intelligence Unit to operate a virtual currency-to-fiat exchange service and a virtual currency wallet.