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Trade With Confidence

Trading with confidence starts with knowing that you remain in control of your funds and assets – a truly decentralised trading experience where smart contracts and Blockchain protocols govern all. Our equal rights trading environment maintains neutrality through a Blockchain-driven order matching system where smartcoins and tokenised assets are securely exchangeable.


We optimise security by allowing Users to remain in control of their coins and assets – a truly decentralised trading solution.



Our unique Blockchain-driven order matching system delivers rapid trading execution capable of supporting 100,000 transactions per second.


A decentralised trading environment avoids a single point of failure and is built upon a proven peer-to-peer open ledger.


Users benefit from the rich array of solutions and participants in our vibrant ecosystem where power is democratically retained by the community.


Licenced and regulated in the European Union, we achieve the balance between supporting the integrity of the capital markets and providing a decentralised experience.

Competitive Commissions

Both makers and takers benefit from a transparent fee structure where traders are incentivised to contribute orders and liquidity.

Market Updates

Crypto Climb: Are We Here to Stay?

This week's pop above the psychologically-important US$ 400 billion market capitalisation level for the first time since early March has restored some optimism among traders. A climb in trading volume back above US$ 35 billion for the first time in weeks helped push...

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